Hello and welcome, my name is Roddy Macdonald and I’m the Chief Instructor for the club.  I’m here to tell you a little bit about training at the club.

Our club holds training sessions for both obedience and show information is as follows:-

Place:  CNCC Showgrounds, Hillsborough Road, Hillsborough.

When: Every Tuesday evening.

Time:  7.00pm to 8.00 pm. This is the usual training time, however, if you are joining, it is suggested that you get to the grounds, with your paperwork and money by 6.30pm.  This will give you time to get the paperwork organized, and your name tags written and given out.  It also gives your dog time to adjust and, hopefully settle down before training starts at 7.00 pm.

New Members: All new members are joined on the first Tuesday of every month, with the exception of January,

Necessary paperwork: You must bring the current vaccination certificate for each animal. RNSWCC registration papers are not necessary, however all animals MUST be microchipped and registered with your local council, please bring proof of same.

Fees:  The joining fee is $44.00 dual, or $35 single. Training fees are $3 per handler per night .New members who are joining for obedience training, must pay for the first 12 weeks training course in advance, that is, $36.00 for each handler and dog. After the initial 12 week course, training fees are $3 per handler per night.

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General information:

Obedience training consists of pet dog training and competition training, and happens every Tuesday night.  Show training, however, is dependant on circumstances and if you are interested in Show training only, you need to check with the club secretary to find out when it is available.

We will have a new aspect of our sport known as ‘Rally O’, available to everyone who has completed the 12 week training course, in 2004.  It will start on the return to training on the first Tuesday in February, 2004.

The club holds 2 Obedience trials every year. One in March and one in August.

All our instructors are very experienced. Two are qualified with the RNSWCC -Level 2, one is qualified with the Delta Society as a Canine Good Citizen instructor and all instructors have competition experience.

Your German Shepherd dog, is, I believe the most intelligent dog (I will admit to a little bias here) and serves our community in many ways, e.g. Search and Rescue dogs, Sniffer dogs, Guide dogs, Police dogs , Defence Forces Guard dogs to mention a few.   Did you know that the very first guide dog was a German shepherd dog and that a movie, starring Timothy Bottoms was made about it.

It is because your dog is so intelligent that it is imperative that you begin training as soon as possible, 16 weeks is the earliest we can have the puppies on the grounds.

If you have an older dog that has behavioural problems, we may be able to help you overcome them.

If you have any further questions about training please do not hesitate to call me on 02 4930 0860.

Roddy Macdonald



 Mrs. Moira Rose with her dog, “Kelinpark Gypsey Rose” CD have gained their CDX  title. Congratulations also to Kelinpark Kennels for breeding a dog that has proved its’ working ability.

Gretel de Vries with her dog “Skyesfuhre Kool Kaiser” CD also gained their CDX title. Congratulations to Skyesfuhre Kennels for breeding a dog that has proved its’ working ability.

And myself, Roddy Macdonald, with my dog “Krieger Artic Flame CD ‘A’ ‘Z’ BS Cl 1, also gained their CDX title. This dog has also been through National Council Hip & Elbow Schemes and been breed surveyed, Class 1, so congratulations must also go to Kreiger Kennels for breeding a dog that has proved not only it’s working ability, but also it’s breed worthiness.

But there is much more, Gretel de Vries, who has been a club member since 1990, is eligible for 2 National Council obedience awards.  The first is a “Gold” Handlers Award.  This award is given to any handler who has won 15 or more excellent medallions.  Gretel has actually won 21.

Gretel is also eligible for a National Council “Excellent” dog award.  This award is given to any dog that has won 10 or more excellent medallions.  Gretel’s “Skyesfuhre Country Bumkn” CDX has won 10 ”Excellents” to date. Country also has 2 passes towards his UD title. Gretel also bred “Country”, so congratulations again must go to Skyesfuhre Kennels.

My congratulations to Gretel and Moria.  Well done.

We held another ‘Rally O” night on the last night of training, we had 3 place-getters.  They were:-

1st Place  Jackie and Axel with a clear round in 3 minutes &.17 seconds

2nd Place   Brian & Ice with 1 fault in 3 minutes & 10 seconds

3rd Place   Jane & Jedd with 1 fault in 4 minutes & 02 seconds.

Please note that first place went to a “show” dog and handler.  Come on obedience handlers, we’ve got to do better next time.  Congratulations to Jackie and Axel.

Please remember to let me know of any of your achievements and or results in Obedience, Tracking, Agility, Jumping, Herding, Flyball, or E.T. so I can ensure that they are in the Obedience news section of our newsletter and on the website. I can be reached by phoning
4930 0860 or email Krieger@kooee.com.au

That’s all for now,
Happy training & good luck,

Roddy Macdonald
Chief Instructor.

Tony, Vicki, A Anderson, Irina, Mal....Obedience Officials