NHRGSDC Newsletter September 2004

The Annual General Meeting was held in our clubhouse on 7 September 2004. The following people were elected for 2004/2005.


SECRETARY: Leeanne Lynch

TREASURER: Jacki Dunstan

TATTOO OFFICER: Allen McClelland



COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Annette Belic, John Finlay, Paul York



POINT SCORE: Phillip Scaysbrook


WEB MASTER: Jess Lynch


TROPHY SUB-COMMITTEE: Annette Belic, Sharon Crapp, Jacki Dunstan, Sharon Scaysbrook

Congratulations to our newly elected committee and office bearers. With your enthusiasm I am sure we can make this 2004/2005 year a howling success.

Our President Sean Lynch thanked the previous committee for their time and effort they gave to our club.

With the new committee voted in, the September Meeting was opened and several things were discussed.

Sean than thanked the new committee and believed that with the enthusiasm shown, our club can go from strength to strength.

Sean also discussed several new trophies to be submitted. These being:

1. ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: This is to encourage any new member in their first year that shows improvement in management of their dog whether it is in training, obedience trails and/or shows.

2. SPORTS MEMBER OF THE YEAR: A member, whether they win or loose, show a sportsman like attitude to dogs and their sport.

3. CLUB MEMBER OF THE YEAR: Any member with or without a dog willing to give up their time to help the club.

4. JUNIOR MEMBER OF THE YEAR: This is to encourage any financial child under the age of 16 years who helps out at any time e.g. selling raffle tickets, putting away equipment etc........... All these were CARRIED

Any nominations towards the above trophies should be sent in writing to The Secretary, Mrs L. Lynch, 2 Eagle Close Medowie 2318. Please Note: Deadline for nominee's to the above trophies to be received by November Meeting 2004.

If any member is interested in donating a trophy/s to one of the above please phone Leeanne on 49829595.

Awarding of these trophies will be of the above Sub-Committee and will be presented at the N&HRGSDC Christmas Party.

It was also suggested that we should encourage our younger people under the age of 16 to become financial member at the cost of $1.00 per year including a registration card from the club. This can only be achieved if their parent or guardian is also a financial member. After all these children are the future of our club.

The motion previously put up by Leeanne Lynch concerning breed surveys was voted on and carried. The motion reads that if only 2 or less dogs nominate to attend a survey, that the people will have the option of continuing with the survey by meeting the costs on an individual basis. This motion was developed because of the costs associated with bringing the surveyor up to Newcastle............. CARRIED

The Chief Instructor Peter Belic also put forward his proposal for new Obedience Trophies for next year, these being:

HIGHEST POINT SCORE OF THE YEAR IN NOVICE: Any novice trailer, financially registered with NHRGSDC must submit their highest point score from our March or August trail. The highest score submitted from either trail wins the above trophy.

HIGHEST POINT SCORE OF THE YEAR FOR OPEN AND UTILITY: Any open and utility trailer financially registered with NHRGSDC must submit their highest scores from each of our March and August Trails. The highest aggregate scores from these 2 trails in each division win the Open and Utility Point Score Trophy. NOTE: A zero score can be submitted...................CARRIED

It was also suggested to run a free raffle Tuesday nights for every family who attends show and obedience training. Their name will go into a box and be drawn out at our Christmas Party. The winner must be there on the night................CARRIED

Also a suggestion that the committee have business cards made up. Jacki Dunstan showed us what she has made up on her computer and will submit a design at the next meeting.

We are also pleased to introduce our new members David & Diane Bland, Christine & Phillip Gray and Ian & Bibiana Smith. We hope you and your best friend have an enjoyable time with us.

Add these Upcoming Events to your Diary:


Tuesday 7  Beginners Night- Obedience, Show training

Tuesday 7  Annual general Meeting

Tuesday 14  Obedience & Show training

Tuesday 21  Obedience & Show training

Tuesday 28  Promotions for Obedience, Show training


Saturday 2  Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club Obedience Trails

Saturday 2  ACTGSDC Show

Sunday 3  Deer Bush Dog Training Club Obedience Trails

Sunday 3  ACTGSDC Show

Monday 4  RNSWCC State Obedience Trail

Tuesday 5  Beginners Night- Obedience, Show Training

Tuesday 5  Committee Meeting

Saturday 9  GSDL Show & Obedience Trail

Tuesday 12  Obedience & Show Training

Tuesday 19  Obedience & Show Training

Tuesday 26  Promotions for Obedience, Show training (Free Sausage Sizzle on this night- All welcomed)