Our next Breed Survey:

Date: Sunday 27th November 2004
Time: 11am
Surveyor: TBA

Numbers limited to 12 dogs. First 12 with all paperwork & money will be accepted.
Paperwork needs to be forwarded to our Breed Affairs officer two weeks prior to survey date, for processing.

Results of Dogs submitted for Survey


Dogs Name
Sire & Dam

Stunadel Nympho 
*Astasia Elko/*Crajendo Alexis
Class 1

Stunadel Olympia
*Stunadel Kinetic/*Ch.Stunadel Aces High
Class 1

Crajendo Chemistry
*Stunadel Adrenalin/*Rhakhani Oriana
Class 1

Crajendo Enja
*Brezlin Levitate/*Rhakhani Oriana
Class 1
Scheer Jose Cuervo
Class 1
Scheer Tequila
Class 1
Iccara Yell For Glory
Class 1
Turnberry Brutus
Class 1
Aimsway Decimal
Class 1
Kadama Black Magick
Class 2

Mischalands Calvin (Imp Swd)

Kevin Von Murrtal /Mischalands Vronie

Class 1


Please submitt photos & details of dogs surveyed at Newcastle for posting.